Thursday, May 03, 2007

Recent illustration for Hyphen... The article was 4 stories about public subway transportation and strange situations that happen on them.

mixed media 5.5"x17"


pk said...

hey jon i like this new one alot!
how's life after graduation?
btw, the last picture's link is broken.

jennifermlee said...

absolutely love it!!
i love doing on locational illustrations

William Fenholt said...

Wow this is really really amazing. I love how clever the design is. Awesome.

jk said...

really like the composition in this piece...your graduation wall was amazing too.

bUrP° said...

Your drawings are beatiful, i like !! do you work just with traditional medium all the time? Sorry for my bad english!!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice one!

Shades of Giorgio de Chirico.

Jon Han said...

Hey Vincent... thanks man.. life is good so far.. hopefully it'll just get better. Thanks for also telling me the last link was broken, it was in CMYK format for somereason.

Jennifer.. Thanks

William.. Hey hope everythings going well with you thanks.

jk.. Thanks for the complement man.

burp.. I dont always work in traditional medium.. most of all my work are traditional silkscreen prints, but this mix media one is actually paper collage, gouche, and digital.

Thanks Dominic.