Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nucleus asked if i'd like to design a t shirt for they're new artist series shirts that should be available at the San Diego Comic Con later this month.. So i had to keep the number of layers to under 4, but i like the out come, and can't wait to see it on the fabric. It's titled "Beautiful Day".

On another note the Tiny Showcase contacted me recently and wanted to carry reprints of my "Deep Down Depth" print at a reduced size and very affordable price. Shea'la and everyone else at Tiny Showcase are really cool people, check out they're website and buy a print if you'd like.

A Portion of the proceeds of both, go to Charity. The "Beautiful Day" Shirts will help out the Wild Life Foundation, and the "Deep Down Depth" reprints help out Rock and Roll Camp for Girls.


Jon Klassen said...

man they sold out already! ...i wanted one.

shawnee said...

These are really nice. I love the colors. rich and deep.

Francis Vallejo said...

I really like the simplicity of your work!! The compositions are great as well.

Jon Han said...

thanks alot for the comments