Thursday, October 04, 2007

Had a new illustration in todays NY Times, in the Op/Ed section.

The Article was about global warming, and how the situation is escalating at a dramatic rate. Worked again with Brian Rea on this one... great art director.

On another note.. there seems to be alot of black and white pieces on my blog, so the next post will have to be a nice colorful one.


drew beckmeyer said...

you are a liar for saying this sucks. a damn liar.

Jon Klassen said...

jeez jon, stop posting so many awesome black and white illustrations that go in the new york times. we're all getting pretty tired of how awesome they are.

Kinman said...

black and white.. color.. it don't matter.. always nicely designed.. great work jon!

Anonymous said...

jon, this so beautiful. who needs color when you can kill with black and white? it is one of the few things I've seen that makes me wish I was illustrating. sooo nice. kg

Jon Han said...

thanks for all the comments guys.

Drew- The show was was awesome.. Im glad you think im a liar and its not the other way around.

Jon- Thanks man, motion project must start soon

Kinman- Thanks alot man.

Kate- thanks for the huge complement. The show you and Drew had was really awesome.