Sunday, June 15, 2008


For the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists... Besides having one of the coolest publication titles, it was really great working with Joy Olivia Miller on this one.

To combat global warming scientist are geoengineering.. but this isn't always the best solution as many are either really ridiculous or have very serious consequences of their own.. interesting article. The PDF off of their site incase you want to read it


josh said...

this ones really really awesome. good job man

Jon Klassen said...

i laughed again at the lady facing the wrong way. really nice one man.

Jason said...

nice piece, really diggin the textures.
the piece below it is nice too

Joy Olivia Miller said...

Jon -- Thanks so much for mentioning our collaboration. We are thrilled with how engaging your creation is and how well you captured this difficult concept. Hope we can do it again soon.

Kinman said...

awesome piece! i want to buy a shield shaped mirror now to fight global warming :)

Jon Han said...

Thanks alot for the comment everyone.

Jon- yea shes helping out in her own way.

Joy- was great working with you on this one.. and look forward to the next project.

Kinman- Yes its that easy.