Friday, July 25, 2008


This was done for Pheonix Magazine... It had to do with an illegal immigration program they have there that doesn't seem to solve the problem. Great working with Brian Goddard on this one.

Also something that ran last week in the NY Times Op/ed, for the new laws that allow more freedom for wire tapping.. working again with Kim and Brian... watch what you say... they're listening.

It was also very cool to be interviewed and have work featured in the July issue of Koream... which is a Korean American magazine. Here are some pictures from the issue.


Jon Klassen said...

your stuff looks even better all grouped together like that! can you get that magazine around here?

Jon Han said...

Yeah Jon, The magazine should be be on stands.. actually its august.. so I can show you sometime when we all hangout.. they have a picture of me on one side, which i purposely left out.