Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This ran in last weeks issue of the New Yorker. A different approach as i was asked to do a portrait of Philippe de Montebello as he is narrating the Saint-SaĆ«ns’s "Carnival of the Animals" at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

A little background info, Philippe de Montebello has been the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for 31 years.. So I found it surprising/honored to get contacted by the Met to buy a print so that they could present it to Mr. Montebello. I hope he enjoys it.

And another small letters piece for Kim at the NY Times.


Frank said...

great post, I really like the way you handled the composition on the little Times piece. Those can be tough.

Jon Klassen said...

the turtle is endearing himself to me.

I like juice said...

every time i see your work is a huge surprise!

Jon Han said...

Frank- yeah sometimes harder then a super huge spread huh? no?

Jon- i think so too man

I LIKE JUICE- I like you