Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A few illustrations for different publications.

Top being a cover for Koream magazine. then the New Yorker, then the New York Times Science section.

The cover article was about fear of illness when not having health insurance, New Yorker about the Xenakis exhibit, New York times about dealings with malpractice lawsuits.

Art Directors
Kai Ma, Max Bode, Peter Morance

Other news

Featured in the new Rojo Magazine. which comes out January 12th. You can purchase this collection of artists on their website here

And a couple of illustrations recognized for 'Notable illustrations in the Op/Ed for 2009.' Thanks to Leanne Shapton and Kim Bost for the art direction.

Happy New Year everyone.


pete ryan said...

this is really great stuff

Jon Klassen said...

happy new year yourself.

steph paick said...

happy new year scooter! =)

silvergirl said...

These are beautiful! i am in love with your work. :)